Taiwan Black Sugar Ginger Tea 黑糖姜茶 (10包X 22gm)

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Black Sugar Ginger Tea is a healthy food with added black sugar. Black sugar origins from Taiwan with combination of Indonesia old ginger and tea, it gives a smooth satisfying taste.


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Product details of Taiwan Black Sugar Ginger Tea 黑糖姜茶 (10包 X 22gm)

Ingredients: Black Sugar, Black Tea Powder and Ginger Powder

Black sugar is healthier and more tasty than white processed sugar; brown sugar has a few of the benefits of black sugar, but really isn’t as good.

It can look quite similar to brown sugar, but black sugar is even darker – almost black. Black sugar is popular in Taiwan. Compared to processed sugar, which has a very flat, characterless taste, black sugar is ’round’, with a lot more flavor.

Unlike processed sugar, black sugar contains molasses, plus potassium, iron, calcium and other minerals


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