Soon Thye Hang JUMBO SIZE Abalone In Brine 12S 特大高汤鲍鱼 12头

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This 425g Abalone in Brine weight 180g drained (15g each!!) [100g EXTRA], the size is extra big as a soup spoon!



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1.提高免疫力- 帮助我们抵抗有害病毒以及细菌

2.美容养颜- 增加皮肤弹性,减缓皮肤衰老

3.调经润肠- 有助于调节血压,调整肾上腺分泌;可治疗月经不调、便秘等疾病

4. 滋补身体- 补充蛋白质和矿物质,缓解体恤,非常适合体弱多病和大病初愈的人

5. 保护眼睛- 提高视网膜功能,预防网膜病变,预防视力下降







 顺泰行红烧吉品鲍鱼10头,每个鲍鱼都是精心挑选出来的。具有许多官方品质保证 【ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, BRC FOOD】。绝对吃的开心又安心!












Jipin abalone originates from Japan. The abalone has a thick body. It tastes chewy and delicious. It is one of the most popular abalone breed in the world.

Jipin abalone is rich in protein, vitamin A, calcium, low in fat and low in sugar. It is a precious food with many health benefits. Abalone has extremely high nutritional value and is rich in globulin; the meat of abalone also contains a component which can destroy the metabolic substances necessary for cancer cells.

Abalone is a primitive marine shellfish product. It mainly lives in the shallow sea. It is one of the traditional Chinese precious ingredients. The most recognized and popular marine products on the market. Abalone is a slower species in the shellfish family. It usually takes 1 to 4 years or even longer to grow from a fertilized egg to a commercial size of 6 to 8 cm. The output of natural abalone is far from meeting the needs of consumption, and more abalone artificial proliferation production areas have been developed to provide more and better seafood treasures.

Health benefits:

  1. Improve immunity – help us fight against harmful viruses and bacteria
  2. Beauty- increase skin elasticity and anti-ageing
  3. Regulate menstruation and moisten the intestines – help to regulate blood pressure, adjust the secretion of adrenal glands; can treat irregular menstruation, constipation and other diseases
  4. Nourishes the body – Supplements protein and minerals, relieves compassion, very suitable for those who are infirm or recovering from serious illnesses
  5. Protect the eyes – improve retinal function, prevent retinal disease, and prevent vision loss


Why is Soon Thye Hang’s Braised Abalone is your top pick?

* Abalone is processed using “fresh” abalone and not frozen abalone. Original abalone taste is preserved

* Soon Thye Hang’s unique and special sauce enhances its taste

*Each abalone has a nice “gold ingot” shape with nice lips around it firm and chewy texture


Soon Thye Hang Braised Abalone 10s has quality assurance from 【ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, BRC FOOD】


Serving Method:

After opened up, you may consume it as it is, or you may reheat it before consume. It can be eaten as cold dish or hot dish. As the canned abalone is ready to be eaten as it is, thus if you wish to mix it with other ingredients, please reheat the abalone with its soup to avoid the abalone become overcooked during the process of cooking the other ingredients.



Unopened canned abalone can be stored in cool and dry places. Opened canned abalone is to be kept together with its soup and stored in refrigerator, and to be consumed as soon as possible. This is to avoid the abalone becomes dried and lost the original taste.

Canned abalone can turn to overcooked if it’s being cooked over a high heat for a long period of time, thus please take note on the timing and on the temperature while reheating the abalone.



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