Soon Thye Hang Cell Protector Bentong Ginger Enzyme Vinegar 375ml 顺泰行强化细胞文冬姜天然酵素醋

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Healthy enzyme.

Improves blood circulation.


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PRODUCT: Soon Thye Hang Cell Protector Bentong Ginger Enzyme Vinegar 顺泰行强化细胞文冬姜天然酵素醋

INGREDIENT(s): Bentong ginger, fructose and water


SIZE: 1 x 375ml


Enzyme is the best among all the other diet. Some scientists discover that there is an inverse ratio between people’s longevity and the speed of the consumption of enzymes. The enzyme will be exhausted if it is continuously consumed without being supplemented. When lacking enzyme, people will have the indigestion and discharge difficulty or even contract cancer, obesity and other chronic diseases.

Always supplementing enzymes can delay the exhaustion of enzyme within the system. Enzyme are important in our body to replenish cell, help in digestion and absorption, build structures inside the body and break down structures or molecules in various places of our body. Therefore, life is carried on by enzymes. Without enzyme, there is no life.

Soon Thye Hang Natural Ginger Enzyme Vinegar can give you a balanced health conditioning, recuperating all parts of the body, especially the most affected parts. Its unique formula can help improve your blood circulation, being an indispensable morning nutrient for the elderly, the vulnerable and the sick.






  • 1) Soften blood vessels 软化血管
  • 2) Improve blood circulation 畅通血液
  • 3) Strengthen cells 强化细胞
  • 4) Increase immune system 提高免疫力
  • 5) Help to fade old scars 淡化旧疤痕
  • 6) Reduce acidity 减低体内酸性
  • 7) Detox 排毒
  • 8) Alleviate gas and bloating 驱风
  • 9) Recuperate after stroke patient 调理中风后病患者
  • 10) Stabilize blood sugar 控制血糖
  • 11) Postnatal care 女人产后保养
  • 12) Control uric acid 控制尿酸
  • 13) Improve weak and cold body type 改善身体虚寒
  • 14) Improve heart health 帮助畅通心脏血管


One tablespoon (10 – 15ml) in the morning and at night. Avoid using metal spoon. You may drink with chilled or warm water. You may also add 30ml of vinegar for 1000ml of warm water.



Soon Thye Hang Natural Ginger Enzyme Vinegar is recommended to be consumed after dilution according to 1:3 ratio with cold or warm water as desired.

Recommended consumption is four tablespoons per serving.




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