Immune System Booster Combo 1

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1x Soon Thye Hang Pu Yao Yang Sheng Jing – Waist Tonic 补腰养身精 750ml

2x Bird’s Nest with Ginseng & Rock Sugar 花旗参冰糖燕窝 70ml x6

1x Zun Ding Canada Ginseng 尊鼎加拿大西洋参

1x Ginseng Dendrobium & Chrysanthemum Tea 花旗参石斛菊花茶5gx6

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1x HFT Herbal Tea 鸿福堂凉茶

1x Three Treasure anti-aging 美颜三宝

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补腰养身精 Pu Yao Yang Shen Jing – Waist Tonic


Strengthen the body and waist, nourish and darken hair, improve blood circulation and relieve numbness of hands and legs


花旗参冰糖燕窝 Bird’s Nest with Ginseng & Rock Sugar


Promote youthful and beautiful skin, boost immune system, improve functions of lung and kidneys, relieve fatigue and ease chronic dry coughs, etc.


尊鼎加拿大西洋参 Zun Ding Canada Ginseng


Anti-fatigue, anti-aging, boost immune system, improve function of cardiovascular and memory, etc.


花旗参石斛菊花茶 Ginseng Dendrobium & Chrysanthemum Tea


Clearing away heat and detoxification, improve eyesight and mind, adjusting blood lipids, anti-aging and improve digestive system, etc.


美颜三宝 Three Treasure Anti-aging


Help to nourish and firm the human skin, relieve constipation and rejuvenate the body, etc.

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Dimensions 31.5 × 8 × 26 cm


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