Dried Seafood Combo D 海味干货超值配套 D

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1X Red Fish Maw 80gm 红鱼胶

1X Abalone Slice 元鲍片 80gm

1X Ikan Tenggiri Masin – Istimewa 100gm梅香马鲛

1X Soon Thye Hang Pacific Clams in Brine 顺泰行清汤鲍贝

1X Cuttlefish (S) 150gm 墨鱼干 (小)

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2’S Abalone + Mushroom 鲍鱼+花菇 – 咖喱风味 160gm

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Red Fish Maw 80gm红鱼胶


Fish Maw contains extremely rich protein and gum, which is beneficial for qi and kidney, nourishing yin and nourishing skin. It is especially suitable for long-term consumption by people with weaker body.

Abalone Slice 元鲍片 80gm


Sliced abalone can nourish Yin, calm the liver and consolidate the kidney, adjust the secretion of the adrenal glands, and have a two-way effect of regulating blood pressure

Ikan Tenggiri Masin – Istimewa 100gm梅香马鲛


Salted fish contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are an important source of essential fatty acids for the human body. They help brain and nerve development, and play an important role in improving children’s intelligence and preventing arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Soon Thye Hang Pacific Clams in Brine 顺泰行清汤鲍贝


It has the effects of regulating blood lipids, enhancing elasticity, replenishing qi, replenishing vital energy, strengthening the body, strengthening resistance, and improving longevity.

Cuttlefish (S) 150gm 墨鱼干 (小)


2’S Abalone + Mushroom 鲍鱼+花菇 – 咖喱风味 160gm


Helps to improve liver imbalance and kidney, adrenal glands and blood pressure


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