Dried Seafood Combo C 海味干货超值配套 C

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1X China Scallop (+AAAA) 中国干贝(+AAAA) 160gm

1X Special Grade Shell Slice 特级响螺片 (260gm)

1X White Anchovy Meat 白北肉 300gm

1X Soon Thye Hang Razor Clam in Brine 顺泰行贵妃鲍贝 425gm

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1X 2’S Abalone + Mushroom 鲍鱼+花菇160gm

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China Scallop (+AAAA) 中国干贝(+AAAA) 160gm

Contain a variety of nutrients that can promote your cardiovascular health, plus provide protection against colon cancer.


Special Grade Shell Slice 特级响螺片 (260gm)

It is highly rich in protein, minerals, inorganic salt, vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, shell slice is known for its health benefits in enhancing men’s strength, increase physical stamina, improve digestive function, boost energy, and improve memory.

响螺片味甘性凉,具有滋阴补肾、健脾开胃、补血养颜、清热明目的功效。含丰富的蛋白质、矿物质、无机盐、维生素等营养物质。响螺片具有壮阳补肾,增强体力、护胃护脾、精力、 提高大脑记忆力的功效。

White Anchovy Meat 白北肉 300gm

Anchovies have many vitamins and minerals that provide major health benefits. They are best known as a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote brain and heart health.

白北肉有多种维生素和矿物质,可提供主要的健康益处。它们以 omega-3 脂肪酸的来源而闻名,可促进大脑和心脏健康。

Soon Thye Hang Razor Clam in Brine 顺泰行贵妃鲍贝 425gm


It has the effects of regulating blood lipids, enhancing elasticity, replenishing qi, replenishing vital energy, strengthening the body, strengthening resistance, and improving longevity.

2’S Abalone + Mushroom 鲍鱼+花菇160gm


Helps to improve liver imbalance and kidney, adrenal glands and blood pressure


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