STH Concentrated Essence Chicken + Ginko & Wolfberry 顺泰行浓缩银杏 &枸杞鸡精 45gmx9’S Free Assorted STH Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink175ml X 3

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采用的制作方式可以确保完美保留原有的鲜味,去除不好的杂质和油脂,从而提炼出【0脂肪 . 0胆固醇】的完美鸡精,无需担心吃了会导致肥胖,顺泰行银杏鸡精补而不胖!而且口感顺滑,无腥味,喝起来更加舒适!




提高免疫力- 激活人体免疫细胞,确保最佳的身体状态

提高新陈代谢- 从而达到抗疲劳的功效

提升记忆和专注力- 增强体力,保持头脑清晰

养血明目- 减少眼睛疲劳的问题,保持眼睛的健康

缓解压力- 促进血液中的皮质醇的分解代谢








Chicken Essence with Gingko and Wolfberry

Every sip is the essence, a pack a day to replenish your body and brain!

Soon Thye Hang Chicken Essence with Gingko and Wolfberry is extracted from selected chicken, combined with ginkgo and wolfberry to greatly improve the taste and nutrition of the product. This Chicken essence is 3 times more concentrated than ordinary chicken essence, allowing the body to absorb more nutrients in a shorter time.

The production method used can ensure that the original taste is perfectly preserved, and bad impurities and oils are removed, so as this perfect chicken essence is 【0 fat. 0 cholesterol】. No need to  worry about consuming it will lead to obesity or fat. The taste is smooth, no fishy smell, more comfortable to drink!

Each box contains 9 packs of individually packaged chicken essence, which are sterilised at high temperature and handled in a hygienic manner. They are very convenient to store and consume!

No artificial colors, artificial flavors, caramel/sucrose, all made from natural foods for your healthy body!


Boost Immunity – Activates the body’s immune cells to ensure best physical condition

Increase metabolism – achieve anti-fatigue effect

Improves memory and concentration – increases physical strength and maintains mental clarity

Nourishes blood and eyesight – reduces eye fatigue and maintains eye health

Stress relief – promotes the catabolism of cortisol in the blood



Drink a packet of Chicken Essence with Gingko and Wolfberry on an empty stomach in the morning, the absorption effect is better


Suitable for office workers, students, children, postpartum women, the elderly


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