CNY BN Collagen Drink – Red Date +Wolfberry + Longan 175ml X6 STH 燕窝胶原蛋白 – 红枣+枸杞+龙眼 175ml X6

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Soon Thye Hang newly launched Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink with Red Date, Longan, and Wolfberry contains nutrients such as sialic acid, active protein, and amino acids with deep sea collagen peptides from the United States. It gives us triple nourishment, triple nutrition, and triple beauty.

Each bottle is made with selected natural ingredients and used high-end technology to perfect release and lock the nutrition of the bird’s nest. A mouthful of bird’s nest with fresh Red Date, Longan and Wolfberry, can also nourish qi and blood while promoting youthful and beautiful skin.

Open the lid and drink, and minimalize your skincare routine!

NO preservatives, NO artificial colourings, NO flavourings.

Health benefits of collagen:

– Enhance skin condition – make skin more radiant, reduce wrinkles and prevent early signs of ageing.

– Improve calcium absorption – strengthens bones, prevents fractures, and decreases nail breaks.

– Promotes tissue repair- stimulates wound healing function, reduces scars

– Promotes muscle growth and regeneration- improves body development, prevents ageing

– Maintain eye healthy – Maintain the health of the retina and eyeball

Health benefits of bird’s nest:

– Improves lung function – slow down various diseases of the lungs caused by diseases such as asthma, shortness of breath, etc.

– Nourishes spleen and stomach- effectively helps patients with cold stomach, vomiting, or nausea

– Helps with speedy recovery- improves physical strength after giving birth to a baby or after an operation.

– Promotes youthful and beautiful skin- promotes radiant skin and reduces wrinkles.

– Improves immunity – enhances body function, resists viruses & bacteria, and has health care effects.

Health benefits of red dates, wolfberry, and longan:

– Anti-aging – rich in vitamin C, help to increase skin resistance and elasticity, reduce melanin

– Regulates the three hyper – effectively reduce hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, and hyperglycaemia

– Clams mind – replenishes qi and blood, improves insomnia, and improves sleep quality

– Nourishes spleen and stomach- helps repair gastrointestinal lesions and increases appetite




开盖即饮,让保养步骤更简单!不含防腐剂, 人造色素以及香精。


  • 有效改善肌肤状态- 使肌肤更有光泽、减少皱纹和预防衰老
  • 帮助人体的钙吸收- 刺激骨骼细胞、强壮骨骼、预防骨折、减少指甲断裂
  • 修复人体细胞- 促进伤口修复功能、淡化疤痕
  • 促进肌肉生长- 帮助人体发育、预防老化
  • 保持眼睛健康- 维持视网膜和眼球的健康



  • 帮助补气肺气- 减缓肺部因疾病带来的各种疾病如哮喘,气促等
  • 具有养胃功效- 有效帮助治疗胃寒、呕吐或着反胃等的病人
  • 恢复体力- 身体虚弱,刚生完孩子或做完手术都可以通过食用燕窝达到补充体力的效果
  • 帮助养颜美容- 常吃燕窝可以保持皮肤红润有光泽,减少皱纹
  • 提高免疫力- 增强人体机能、抵抗各种有害病菌、拥有保健作用



  • 抗衰老- 含有丰富的维生素C,帮助增加皮肤抵抗力和弹性的增加,降低黑色素
  • 调节三高- 有效降低高血压、高血脂和高血糖的效果
  • 养心安神- 帮助补气血,得以改善失眠,帮助提高睡眠品质
  • 健脾养胃- 帮助修复胃肠病损,增加食欲




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