Soon Thye Hang black Truffle Abalone 3S 顺泰行黑松露鲍鱼 3头

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INGREDIENT(s): 3 piece black Truffle Abalone

SIZE: 425g


  1. Contains protein, calcium, magnesium, iodine, vitamin A, etc.
  2. Contain same tabolite known as the “prime abalone” of ingredients that can damage poor or bad cells necessary.
  3. Helps to improve liver imbalance and kidney, adrenal glands and blood pressure
  4. Helps with menstruation irregular, moistening intestinal effect, constipation and others.
  5. Abalone suitable for young and old as the year of health care products.


After opened up, you may consume it as it is, or you may reheat it before consume. It can be eaten as cold dish or hot dish. As the canned abalone is ready to be eaten as it is, thus if you wish to mix it with other ingredients, please reheat the abalone with its soup to avoid the abalone become overcooked during the process of cooking the other ingredients.


Unopened canned abalone can be stored in cool and dry places. Opened canned abalone is to be kept together with its soup and stored in refrigerator, and to be consumed as soon as possible. This is to avoid the abalone becomes dried and lost the original taste.

Canned abalone can turn to overcooked if it’s being cooked over a high heat for a long period of time, thus please take note on the timing and on the temperature while reheating the abalone.



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