Charcoal Cashew Nut 300gm 炭烧腰豆 300gm

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Cashew nut is rich in oils, proteins, carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals such as potassium, calcium and sodium, and various vitamins and other nutrients.


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食用腰果可以帮助我们控制血压,调节体液的酸碱平衡,维持神经兴奋性和心肌运动的正常,因而腰果对人体的好处颇大,值得推荐。 腰果营养价值很高,食用腰果有帮助我们防治心血管疾病,促进身体提高免疫机能和代谢功能,顺利排便排毒,滋润皮肤的功效。

Eating cashew nut can help us control blood pressure, regulate the acid-base balance of body fluids, and maintain normal nerve excitability and myocardial movement. Therefore, cashews have great benefits to the human body and are worth recommending. Cashew nuts have high nutritional value. The consumption of cashew nuts can help us prevent cardiovascular diseases, promote the body’s immune function and metabolic function, smooth detoxification, and nourish the skin.

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