[BUY 5 FREE 1]Eight Herbs Soup [买5送1]八珍汤 86gm

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Efficacy: Invigorating qi and tonifying blood

Good for men and women.


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6 Packets of Eight Herbs Soup @ 86gm 五包八珍汤


Efficacy: Invigorating qi and tonifying blood

This soup is suitable for people with cold hands and feet, who are afraid of cold; pale and short of breath.

Those who are prone to fatigue, lethargy, and experience cold sweat; Anemia, low menstrual flow, dizziness when getting up, dizziness and headache during menstruation.

People with Qi and blood deficiency, irregular menstrual; A woman who has had a miscarriage due to deficiency of qi and blood; improves skin conditions and help to maintain youthfulness. It also helps those women who experience deficiency of qi and blood during menopause.


Correct way to take the soup:

The correct way to take the soup is to take it on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast or lunch or dinner.  You can take

more than one bowl in a day. Those whose spleen is “weak” and can take it 1 hour after a meal.

For women, the time to drink should be after the menstrual period is completely over and it will be effective for 3 to 6 days without taking it on long-term.


功用: 益气补血。



八珍汤适合以下人群,手脚冰凉,怕冷的人; 面色苍白、萎黄,气短.

容易乏力、嗜睡、易疲劳、流虚汗者; 贫血、月经量少、起立时头晕、经期头晕头痛的女士。

气血虚月经不调女士; 准备怀小孩的女士;。因气血虚弱而流产的女士; 产后气血亏虚女士。 驻颜美容女; 更年期气血虚女士。



服用八珍汤的正确方法是每天早或中饭或晚饭前半小时空腹温服喝一碗,一些脾胃较虚弱的,可在饭后1个小时后服用。你可以一天超过一碗。  另外要注意的是喝的时间要在月经完全结束过后,不用长期喝一般连服3~6天就会有效果了。

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