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Top 10 main health benefits are as follows:

1) Nourishing Yin and body fluid. The “China Pharmaceutical Dictionary” claims that it is specialized at nourishing qi and fluid in lung and stomach. Hence, it treats a variety of diseases caused by deficiency of yin and body fluid;

2) Enhancing physical fitness. It can tonify kidney essence, nourish the stomach Yin, and increase strength. And it is rich in polysaccharides that enhance immune function and strengthen body.

3) Replenishing spleen and stomach. It is a commonly used drug for stomach ache and epigastric pain.

4) Protecting liver and gallbladder.

5) Strengthening tendons and lowering lipid. The secretion of Yin fluid and function of bone and muscle would begin to gradually decrease during the middle ages. Since it can nourish Yin fluid and lubricate joints, it helps to strengthen tendons and bones, relieve joint pain, and reduce rheumatism.

6) Improve stress ability, prevent or stop fatigue, increase hypoxia tolerance, promote circulation, dilate blood vessels, and lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides;

7) Lowing blood sugar. Clinical studies have shown that it cannot only enhance activity of insulin, but also significantly reduce and change blood sugar levels back to normal;

8) Improving eyesight and prevention and treatment of senile cataract.

9) Nourishing the skin. Dendrobium can moisturize and provide nutrition to the skin;

10) Help in anti-aging. It has more comprehensive anti-aging effect compared to other herbs.




1) 滋阴津液。 《中国医药大辞典》称其专于补肺胃津。因此,它可以治疗阴虚津液所引起的各种疾病;



4) 保护肝脏和胆囊。

5) 强筋降脂。到了中年,阴液的分泌和骨骼和肌肉的功能开始逐渐下降。因能滋阴润关节,故能强筋骨、止关节痛、减轻风湿病。

6) 提高应激能力,预防或停止疲劳,增加耐缺氧性,促进循环,扩张血管,降低血液中的胆固醇和甘油三酯;

7) 降低血糖。临床研究表明,它不仅能增强胰岛素的活性,还能显着降低和使血糖水平恢复正常;


9) 滋养肌肤。石斛可以滋润皮肤,为皮肤提供营养;

10) 有助于抗衰老。与其他草药相比,它具有更全面的抗衰老作用。


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