[4 BOXES]STH Freeze Dried Instant Bird’s Nest 4盒 即食冻干燕窝

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Bird’s nest is a high protein supplement. It has high in minerals, active proteins and collagen. In the era of innovative food technology, bird’s nest has gradually transformed from the primitive way of stewing bird’s nest to a bowl of ready to serve of bird’s nest products. Freeze – dried bird’s nest through harvesting, manual cleaning, hair picking, high temperature sterilization and finally apply the freeze-drying food technology, its aseptically vacuumed at -55c to dry up the water and lock in the high nutrients of the freshly stewed bird’s nests, keep freshness and quality of the bird’s nests. After soaking in hot water, will looks a full of bird’s nest silk and taste feels mellow. Freeze-dried bird’s nest can be stored at room temperature for 2 to 3 years. Without add any preservatives, colours and other flavorings, taking freeze-dried bird nest will nourish your skin and become healthier besides of convenient.

1. Improve immunity
2. Improve memory
3. Delay aging, looks more younger

Two flavors (Ginseng/Pandan)
1. Ginseng flavors: bird’s nest, ginseng, wolfberry, red dates, rock sugar
2. Pandan flavors: bird’s nest, pandan, rock sugar

Serving Method
1. Add 70ml hot water into freeze-dried instant bird’s nest and brew it
2. Can serve directly after waiting 5 minutes



1. 提高免疫力
2. 提升记忆力
3. 延缓衰老 皮肤变得更有弹性

两种口味 (泡参 / 班兰)
1. 泡参口味:燕窝、泡参、枸杞、红枣、冰糖
2. 班兰口味:燕窝、班兰、冰糖

1. 将即食冻干纯燕窝加入 70ml 热水冲泡
2. 等待5分钟还原鲜纯口感,即可享用


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