[2PKTS] Yean Fish Maw [2包] 燕花胶 70GM

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In Soon Thye Hang, we use only the best selected premium fish maw.


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鱼鳔含有高达 84.2% 的蛋白质和仅 0.2% 的脂肪,完全不含胆固醇。因此,它成为备受追捧的“高蛋白低脂”食品。




1) 孕妈妈和宝宝保持美丽肌肤的必备食品

2) 加快分娩、手术和伤口愈合后的恢复过程

3) 补肾益气

4) 有效治疗肺肾虚弱、贫血



1) 花胶需要预先浸泡,使其在烹调前变软。不时换水,用凉水冲洗,以消除鱼腥味。

2) 将生姜和小葱放入一锅淡水中煮沸。水烧开后关火。

3) 将泡好的花胶放入锅中,盖紧盖子。等到水凉下来。

4) 取出花胶,用清水冲洗干净,即可烹煮。

5) 浸泡过的花胶如果没有煮熟,应该存放在冰箱里。每次上菜前都要解冻。


建议:每周 2 到 3 次



  1. 浸泡:把花胶放在干净的容器中浸泡24小时。
  2. 水蒸:把花胶放入炖盅隔水蒸15分钟,洗净即可待用。
  3. 烹饪:花胶可煲汤、做甜品、菜肴。
  4. 若没有马上食用,可置于冰箱保鲜2星期。


Maw, or better known as fish gas bladder, is famous for its rich contents of collagen and protein, which is especially good for improving complexion, and also speeds up recovery after giving birth, operation and wound healing.

Maws are primarily made of high quality protein, variety of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and traces elements, making it a kind of therapeutic food.

It has been proven over the time that regular consumption of fish maw is capable of improving beautiful skin for both pregnant mums and their babies. Hence, eating fish maw during pregnancy and after giving birth is highly recommended by many.

Fish maw contains up to 84.2% of protein and only 0.2% of fat with no cholesterol at all. Thus, it becomes a highly sought after “High Protein Low Fat” food.

Most importantly, in Soon Thye Hang, we use only the best selected premium fish maw.



1)     Essential food for preserving beautiful skin of both pregnant mums and babies

2)     Speeds up recovery process after giving birth, operation and wound healing

3)     Replenishes kidney and boost stamina

4)     Effective in healing weak lung and kidney, anemia



1)     Fish maw requires pre-soaking to make it soften before cooking. Change water from time to time and rinse with cool water to eliminate its fish smell.

2)     Put ginger and shallot into a pot of fresh water and boil. Turn off the heat after the water is boiled.

3)     Put the soaked fish maw into the pot and tightly covered with lid. Wait until the water cools down.

4)     Take out the fish maw and rinse with clean water then it is now ready for cooking.

5)     Soaked fish maw should be stored in the freezer if not cooked. Thaw each time before serving.


SUGGESTION: 2 to 3 times a week


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