[2PKTS] Monkey Head Mushroom [2包] 猴头菇 100gm

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1. 高蛋白、低脂肪、富含矿物质和维生素。

2. 具有提高肌体免疫力的功能,可延缓衰老。

3. 含不饱和脂肪酸,能降低血胆固醇和甘油三酯含量,调节血脂,利于血液循环,是心血管患者的理想食品。

4. 含有多种氨基酸和丰富的多糖体,能助消化,对胃炎、胃癌、食道癌、胃溃疡、十二指肠溃疡等消化道疾病的疗效令人瞩目。

5. 含有的多糖体、多肽类及脂肪物质,能抑制癌细胞中遗传物质的合成,从而预防和治疗消化道癌症和其他恶性肿瘤。



1. High protein, low fat, rich in minerals and vitamins.

2. It has the function of improving the body’s immunity and anti-aging.

3. Contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride content, regulate blood lipids, and facilitate blood circulation. It is an ideal food for cardiovascular patients.

4. It contains a variety of amino acids and rich polysaccharides, which can help digestion, and has remarkable effects on gastritis, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other digestive tract diseases.

5. The contained polysaccharides, peptides and fatty substances can inhibit the synthesis of genetic material in cancer cells, thereby preventing and treating digestive tract cancers and other malignant tumors.

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