[2PKTS] Kohlrabi [2包] 正菜(大头菜)300gm

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  • 含有丰富的食物纤,可促进结肠蠕动,缩短粪便在结肠中的停留时间,防止便秘。
  • 含有一种硫代葡萄糖甙的物质,经水解后能产生挥发性芥子油,具有促进消化吸收的作用。
  • 具有一种特殊的鲜香气味,能增进食欲,帮助消化。
  • 有清热解毒、抗菌消肿的作用,能抗感染和预防疾病的发生,抑制细菌毒素的毒性,促进伤口愈合。
  • 利尿除湿,促进机体水、电解质平衡。因其性热,故还可温脾暖胃。
  • 含有大量的抗坏血酸(维生素C),是活性很强的还原物质,参与机体重要的氧化还原过程,能增加大脑中氧含量,激发大脑对氧的利用,有醒脑提神、解除疲劳的作用。


It is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote colonic peristalsis, shorten the residence time of feces in the colon, and prevent constipation.

A substance containing glucosinolates can produce volatile mustard oil after hydrolysis, which has the effect of promoting digestion and absorption. It has a special fresh fragrance, which can increase appetite and help digestion.

It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, antibacterial and swelling, can resist infection and prevent the occurrence of diseases, inhibit the toxicity of bacterial toxins and promote wound healing. Diuretic and dehumidification, promote body water and electrolyte balance.

It can also warm the spleen and stomach. Contains a large amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is a highly active reducing substance that participates in the body’s important redox process, can increase the oxygen content in the brain, stimulate the use of oxygen in the brain, and has the effect of refreshing and relieving fatigue.

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