[2PKTS] Best Selection Dried Longan AA [2包] 优选龙眼干AA 220GM

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[2x250gm] Soon Thye Hang Dried Longan 龙眼干


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Unbleached nor chemically processed

High energy fruit rich in fructose and dietary fiber

SIZE: 220gm


Dried logan meat is simply the product of fresh logan, dried, shelled and pitted, reserving the meaty flesh inside. In general, small fresh longans are used for dried logan meat. There, it has been used as part of their herbal medicinal practices for at least several hundred years.


  • Rejuvenating sleep
  • Boost immune system
  • Boost energy


  1. Rinse well before use.
  2. Dried longan may also be soaked in water to soften before usage.  Using hot water will speed up the softening process.
  3. Dried longan is great for sweetening Chinese soups and in Chinese desserts.

龙眼干是去壳,去核和被晒干的新鲜龙眼肉。通常,小的新鲜龙眼会被用来做龙眼干。 它已被用作其草药的一部分至少数百年。


  1. 帮助睡眠
  2. 增强免疫系统
  3. 提高能量



2.在使用前,龙眼干也可以浸泡在水中软化。 使用热水将加速软化过程。

3. 干龙眼非常适合中式汤和中式甜点。

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