“3 Treasure” Anti Aging Set 250GM 美颜三宝

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1. 把桃胶、皂角米、雪燕, 分别用温水泡发12—15小时.

2. 把杂质去掉,冲洗干净.

3. 在炖盅内加入桃胶,皂角米和雪燕,水的分量约600ml – 800ml4. 炖煮时间为30分钟左右即可,期间可以加入红枣/枸杞/龙眼干/冰糖等等,依个人喜好.注意: 煮太久会导致雪燕化水,时间上请注意哦.

This Nature ingredient dessert soup is a delicious way of enjoying peach gum, snow lotus seed, gum tragacanth regarded as a beauty tonic in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). They are tasteless with a gelatin texture and it is rich in collagen, galactose, rhamnose and amino acids. Collagen in particular may ring a bell, as it is frequently mentioned in skincare and beauty commercials, lauded as a source of skin suppleness. Peach gum also helps to achieve better digestive and cardiovascular systems. After all, this is the most affordable and safe way to Enjoy Beauty of Life.


1. Put all in a bowl with Water and soak it for 12—15hours.

2. After this, pick and remove the dirt and impurities.3. Pre cook the Longan and red dates with hot water, put all ingredient into the pot and cook for 30mins.Meanwhile, u can add some rock sugar to taste

.Attention: 1. If you want to taste the original, please skip the Longan / red dates, please suit yourself.

2. Gum Tragacanth cannot cook more than 30mins, otherwise it will turn into water.

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