[2 x 500g] Soon Thye Hang Black Dates (Small Size) 黑枣

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The benefits of taking black dates is very comprehensive, it is especially beneficial for some people with poorer physical quality.


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INGREDIENT(s): Black Dates (small size)

SIZE: 2 x 500g【1kg】



1. Helps digestion:

This dry fruit contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. The soluble fiber pulls down high cholesterol levels, especially unhealthy LDL or low-density lipoprotein; this, in turn, controls blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes or high insulin levels.

2. Energy boost:

Black dates are loaded with compound carbohydrates and natural sugars like sucrose, glucose and fructose. Due to these components, dates are used as a source of instant and long-lasting energy.

3. Body nutrients:

Dates, especially the black ones include many vitamins and minerals that are important for several body functions, together with red blood cells production and metabolic reactions. Besides containing vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B-3 and B-5, this dry fruit consists of minerals like iron, copper, calcium, magnesium and Sulphur.

4. Healthy heart:

All dates, regardless of their size, shape and color, contain low amounts of sodium and high amounts of potassium. These ingredients help you in maintaining a healthy nervous system and lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks.

5. Indirectly Helps Skin:

Doctors or dermatologists often recommend high-fiber snacks like seeds, nuts and dry fruits like figs and black dates. Consuming dates on a regular basis helps improve your digestive system, which obviously shows on your skin.

6. Provides Strong & Healthy Hair:

Doctors often recommend the consumption of at least two black dates on a daily basis. However, you can’t expect miracles overnight; over time, it’ll certainly provide you with strong and healthy hair.



1) 养血安神富含碳水化合物可以补充大脑消耗的葡萄糖,缓解脑部葡萄糖供养不足而出现的疲惫、易怒、头晕、失眠、夜间出汗、注意力涣散、健忘、极度口渴、沮丧、化紊乱,甚至出现幻觉。适于血虚面色萎黄及心失所养、血虚脏躁者。

2) 补中益气: 用治中气不足、脾胃虚弱所致诸证。

3) 缓和药性: 与祛邪药配伍,可缓其毒烈之性,以护正气。

4) 提高免疫力: 黑枣的作用能提高人体免疫力,并可抑制癌细胞:药理研究发现,黑枣能促进白细胞的生成,降低血清胆固醇,提高血清白蛋白,保护肝脏,黑枣中还含有抑制癌细胞,甚至可使癌细胞向正常细胞转化的物质。



黑枣最大的营养价值是在于它含有丰富的膳食纤维与果胶,可以帮助消化和软便。黑枣营养丰富,含有蛋白质、脂肪、糖类、多种维生素等。以含维生素C和钙质、铁质最多。有很高的药用价值。多用于补血和作为调理药物,对贫血、血小板减少、肝炎、乏力、失眠有一定疗效 、黑枣有加强补血的效果。黑枣含有丰富的维生素,有极强的增强体内免疫力的作用,并对贲门癌、肺癌、吐血有明显的疗效。到目前为止,还没听说它的副作用。当然了,只要吃的时候别一次吃的太多了,适可而止就不会有副作用的。因此,黑枣和红枣合二为一吃是保护肝脏的佳品。


You may eat black dates directly or you may add some in soup or dessert. You may even add some into hot water and add some rock sugar to make it a healthy daily drink.


While black dates are good for health, it is recommended to eat in moderation.

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