[2 BOXES]STH Essence of Fish Maw 70ML X 6BOTS [2盒]顺泰行花胶精华 70ML X 6BOTS

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Soon Thye Hang Fish Maw Essence is formulated with high-tech stewing technology, with Rehmannia glutinosa and Goji Berry, full of essence. Supplement the nutrients needed by the human body. Each bottle of fish maw is 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 preservatives.


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尺寸:2盒 X 6 瓶装顺泰行花胶精70ml


顺泰行花胶精采用高度真空封密,通过高温杀菌,保留产品的新鲜度以及营养精华。由大型国际水准和最高标准的GMP, HACCP和ISO 9001保证品质、安全以及有效性,可以安心地使用。


  • 富含胶原蛋白,蛋白质以及各种对人体有益的氨基酸,可以达到保养以及保健的作用。
  • 有助于增强人体机能以及提高免疫力。
  • 可以促进新陈代谢,让身体素质更加好。
  • 还可以预防骨骼退化,花胶精可以滋养筋骨以及改善关节疼痛或者肾虚引起的腰膝软酸等等。
  • 帮助在肚子里面的胎儿更加健康以及发育得更加好。
  • 孕妇服用花胶精可以有效地预防孕期期间生病或者腰酸背痛,可以更加好的安胎,保证胎儿以及妈妈们的身心健康
  • 恢复元气,可以帮助伤口愈合得更加快。
  • 滋润人体皮肤,并且改善皮肤状态,到达减少皱纹以及防止干燥的情况。
  • 可以很有效地改善人土的气血不足,帮助人体养血美颜以及红润肤色。


Size: 2 boxes X 6 bottles of Soon Thye Hang Fish Maw Essence 70ml


Soon Thye Hang Fish Maw Essence is highly vacuum sealed and sterilized by high temperature to preserve the freshness and nutritional essence of the product. Quality, safety and efficacy are guaranteed by large international standards and the highest standards of GMP, HACCP and ISO 9001, and can be used with confidence.

Benefits of Soon Thye Hang’s Fish Maw Essence:

  • Rich in collagen, protein and various amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, it can achieve maintenance and health care.
  • Helps to enhance human function and improve immunity.
  • It can promote metabolism and improve physical fitness.
  • It can also prevent bone degeneration, and fish maw can nourish bones and improve joint pain or soft acid in waist and knee caused by kidney deficiency.
  • Helps the fetus in the womb to be healthier and develop better.
  • Pregnant women taking fish maw extract can effectively prevent illness or back pain during pregnancy, and can better relieve the miscarriage and ensure the physical and mental health of the fetus and mothers
  • Rejuvenation can help wounds heal faster.
  • Moisturizes human skin, improves skin condition, reduces wrinkles and prevents dryness.
  • It can effectively improve the lack of qi and blood in the human soil, help the human body to nourish blood and beautify the skin and ruddy skin.


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