• RM1 相当于 1 个会员积分
  • 100积分可兑换RM1 顺泰行电子现金
  • 顺泰行电子现金可用于购买特定的顺泰行产品



  • 在生日月份可领取RM100的即时回扣
  • 参加会员日疯狂促销,获得2倍或更多积分
  • 赚取积分以兑换更具吸引力的产品
  • 享受精选产品的特别优惠(每两个月一次)
  • 顺泰行手机应用程序(即将推出)—更便捷的购物体验


Soon Thye Hang Members Points System:

  • RM1 is equivalent to 1 member point
  • 100 points can be exchanged for RM1 STH e-cash
  • STH e-cash can be used to purchase selected Soon Thye Hang Products


Better Member Benefits:

  • Receive instant rebate of RM100 in birthday month
  • Join the crazy sale on member’s day and get 2X or more points
  • Earn points to redeem more attractive products
  • Enjoy special offer on selected products (every two months)
  • Soon Thye Hang Mobile Application launch (coming soon) – more convenient shopping experience

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