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[2boxesx100gm] Golden Fried Fish Maw 黃金炸鱼鳔

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Product SKU: MFM2030

BEST SELECTED Less Oil Fried Fish Maw.

INGREDIENT(s): Golden Fried Fish Maw 顺泰行黄金炸鱼鳔

SIZE: 100g


Maw, or better known as fish gas bladder, is famous for its rich contents of collagen and protein, which is especially good for improving complexion, and also speeds up recovery after giving birth, operation and wound healing.

Maws are primarily made of high quality protein, variety of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and traces elements, making it a kind of therapeutic food. It has been proven over the time that regular consumption of fish maw is capable of improving beautiful skin for both pregnant mums and their babies. Hence, eating fish maw during pregnancy and after giving birth is highly recommended by many.

Fish maw contains up to 84.2% of protein and only 0.2% of fat with no cholesterol at all. Thus, it becomes a highly sought after “High Protein Low Fat” food.

Most importantly, in Soon Thye Hang, we use only the best selected premium fish maw.



1)     Essential food for preserving beautiful skin of both pregnant mums and babies


2)     Speeds up recovery process after giving birth, operation and wound healing


3)     Replenishes kidney and boost stamina


4)     Effective in healing weak lung and kidney, anemia


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